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2017 Chrystal Dance Prize Winners Announced: Meredith Kalaman and Arash Khakpour - Meredith was awarded $16,000 to continue her partnership with International Artist Gabi Beier on the development of Kalaman's full length work, Femme Fatales set to premiere in Berlin in August 2017

Dance Victoria · February 1, 2017


Femme Fatales

Kalaman, who also performs with stunning grace, is joined on stage by Teghan Fedor and Kate Franklin. All three dancers boast exceptional technique, and each adopt a subtly distinct approach to the work – a strong choice that builds a pleasing dynamic between the dancers, and reminds the audience that each woman on stage brings individual stories and motivations.
— LMPR - July 13, 2015


Set to the driving, haunting strings of Mark Haney, and occasionally set against abstract imagery of the savannah, Ruminate found an enigmatic and physically pummelling hybrid of human and animal behaviour.
— Georgia Straight - July 11, 2014

Other Works

Kalaman’s contemporary dance corresponds beautifully with the lyrics, combining motion and emotion to express both the human yearning for a social bond, and the aching desire for solitude.
— VANDOCUMENT on when you’d rather sit alone - June 10, 2015
Kalaman’s stage presence throughout is glowing and her voice – from singsong to matter-of-fact – is an effective storytelling instrument.
— The Dance Current on The Lost Art of Girl Guiding - July 31, 2012
Sensuality gave way to hair-flailing violence in a split second.
— Georgia Straight on Through the Waters - July 12, 2011