Ruminate is inspired by a YouTube video which captured the “necking process” where giraffes violently thrash their necks at each other in combat. This duet “chews over” the desire to dominate another being by means of physical force juxtaposed with the need for tender care. Together, performers Arash Khakpour and Meredith Kalaman create a riveting part-animal, part-human dynamism!

Performer: Arash Khakpour, Meredith Kalaman & Mark Haney
Sound: Mark Haney and Stefan Smulovitz
Lighting: Parjad Sharifi / Kyla Gardiner
Length: 25 minutes

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A 5 minute version of Ruminate originally premiered at Pop Up Dances 2014 presented by New Works after which the work then toured to Dance Matters in Toronto. Different variations developed over the course of a year until its final presentation at New Works Dance Allsorts in January 2015. 

Previous Performances

February 2014 - Premiere: Pop Up Dances Granville Island

May 2014 - Dance Matters Toronto

July 2014 - Dancing on the Edge

January 2015 - Dance Allsorts/New Works


Review in Georgia Straight - July 11, 2014