Explosive Reflections is the foundation for Meredith Kalaman's visions and explorations to come alive onstage as contemporary dance works in support of developing community and mentoring the next generation of creators, thinkers and doers on the planet. 

Artistic Statement

Through dance, I defy the perceived limits of the human body, offering audiences an opportunity to overcome the limitations they believe to be true about themselves. Since 2006, I have established myself within the arts community as an independent contemporary choreographer and dancer with an innovative vision known for creating thought provoking work.

My vision for the world is that each human being realizes and has access to their unique self-expression. Through the education and sharing of contemporary dance, my commitment is to support young people, particularly girls to develop an empowered relationship to their bodies and to foster confidence in being fully self-expressed in the world.

My objective is to connect with audiences around the world to transform humanities relationship to their bodies, to overcome adversity and the limitations we have set on others and ourselves in what we are capable of. Through the education, creation and sharing of contemporary dance, my goal is to foster communities that are even more cohesive, related and inclusive.