Meredith Kalaman & Sophie Yendole join forces in The Lost Art of Girl Guiding to uncover a different side of the well-known cookie sellers than we might expect. Pulling from Yendole's girl guiding years and Kalaman's lifelong passion for dance, this dance theatre solo mines the forces, dreams, fears and monsters that inhabit even the youngest of girls. Yendole, the directorial force behind Tara Cheyenne Performance's brilliant creations such as bANGER, and Vancouver's astonishingly fresh and intriguing dance artist Kalaman push boundaries in this dramatic new solo where getting lost is often how we are found.  

Creators: Sophie Yendole and Meredith Kalaman
Performer: Meredith Kalaman
Sound: Marc Stewart & Yo-Yo Ma
Length: 17 Minutes

Previous Performances

July 2012 - Premiere: Dancing on the Edge

2012 - Launch Pad

May 2013 - London Secondary School


Review in The Dance Current - July 31, 2012